Visual Composer:

  • Be maintainable & effective. More attractive.
  • Focusing on markup, we will produce effective output while being aware of maintainability and efficiency.

Application Composer:

  • Translate data into consistent UI.
  • Providing a high-performance UI by making full use of libraries and frameworks such as React and Vue.js
  • Support or take on other roles while strengthening their main role, often collaborate with the development department (the department to which the back-end engineer belongs), and frequently perform code reviews. It is an environment where you can develop a wide range of skills.
  • Also, those who are interested in bridging business and engineering, such as improving the development flow using CI, designing and proposing technical specifications in collaboration with the development department, and managing projects including the assignment of optimal human resources. You can apply.
  • Skill sharing and training instructors within the department
  • Specification formulation, development schedule decision

Application Composer

  • Determining the architecture of the application (front end)
  • Building a development environment using Webpack, Docker, etc.
  • Web API specification development in collaboration with back-end engineers
  • Improvement of business flow by automation
  • R & D in the front-end field
  • Technical support for directors
  • Management of engineer tasks in large-scale projects
  • Specification formulation, development schedule decision


  • Over 3 years of work experience in front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) and those who have any of the following experiences
  • Practical experience in development using meta-languages such as Sass
  • Environment construction of various build tools (Webpack, gulp, etc.)
  • Code version control using Git
  • Deep understanding of front-end technical specifications
  • Practical experience using library frameworks such as TypeScript, React, Vue.js
  • Experience building Design System
  • Practical experience of AMP
  • Experienced technical director
  • Willing to relocate to Japan

Qualified or interested candidates, Kindly email us your CV at:

We regret that only shortlisted candidates would be notified.